Trailer with 200 lb pave way bombs.
Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 in der Hansestadt Hamburg von Montag,.
Bieten an ihrem Weihnachtsstand aber auch traditionelle und originelle Kunsthandwerk-Arbeiten wie Holzfiguren, Schnitzereien, Textilien, Lederwaren, Glas-Waren oder Christbaumschmuck als.He would bring us fresh pineapples and we would grab a bunch of apples from the mess for him as Thais loved apples.We had house boys that did our laundry and to this day I can remember geschenk 3 hochzeitstag mann the rice starch they put in our fatigues.Pasi mbarojme gjithe brumin keshtu, i veme ne tave mbi leter furre dhe i pjekim ne furre te ngrohte ne 160 per rreth 25-30 minuta e megjithate, derisa nga poshte te kene marre pak ngjyre, por siper duhet te jene te bardha.Rice bugs were something else, we had a line supervisor who had a bungalow and girlfriend down town so during brief down time from loading he had us collecting rice bugs that were attracted to the flight line lights.Thais would roast them or pop their heads off and eat them, never had the courage to try one Night shift was the best not many supervisors around we would race the jammers (bomb loaders) on the flight line for fun.E marrim pjese pjese dhe duke einladung hochzeit text geschenke e rrotulluar mbi tavoline, i japim forme bastuni me trashesi sa gishti i madh, dhe i presim ne diagonal, ( kini parasysh ato qe hanim me aq qejf dikur).Hedhim brenda esencen e vaniljes e shtojme pak nga pak miellin derisa te krijohet nje brum i k duhet perdorur miell me teper se cduhet, pasi na krijon veshtiresi ne dhenien e formes por edhe ne shije.Prior to Ubon I was at a SAC base (B-52).

Trailer with CBU's cluster bombs waiting to be loaded.
My crew loaded mainly the 25th but we loaded the others when needed.
By admin - 0 16, perberesit : -400 gr gjalpe ose margarine ne temperature ambienti, -9 ose 10 luge sheqer gjelle, -3 filxhane niseshte, -esence vaniljeje, -2 filxhane miell, -1/2 filxhan sheqer pluhur.
Weihnachtskonzerte von Musikschulen und Feuerwehren tragen ebenfalls zur vorweihnachtlichen Stimmung bei.John Bemiss in front of A1E9.John has given me permission to share some of his photos and a little of his time in Ubon.Shtojme dale ngadale niseshtene dhe e trazojme akoma qe te behet homogjene.I was sent TDY to train on C-130 gunship repair and had orders to work in the gun shop at Ubon.Auch hier findet der Besucher viele.I recently received an email from a Mr John Bemiss.We worked the 6:00 pm 6:00 am shift 6 days a week (sometimes 7 days).We used old bomb crates and plywood to make rooms for 4 guys.Hooches to the right and enlisted quarters at the end of the road.

C-130 leaving Ubon, thai Air Force T 28, don't ever remember them doing much, buzz the flight line every now and then.