Shadowfall: Win any level with a ohne rabatt Shadowborn Leader.
First Blood: Win a Tactical Battle.
Keep tennis warehouse gutschein the Faith: Win any level with a Keeper of Peace Leader.
Kittens everywhere: Have six Tigran cities in a single level.
Settling Down: Found an Outpost.Lady of Justice: Summon a Chtonioc Guardian.Adventurer: Complete a Quest.Select a small map with resources at their highest and spawning near, and lots möbel akut gutschein 2016 of armies to start with.

Result, cheat Code 100,000 gold, bosch 100,000 gold and mana, all upgrades and spells, and reveal map.
To Heal a Frozen Heart: Shatter a Frozen enemy.
Archdruid's Triumph: Win any level with the Archdruid leader class.Don't Fear the Reaper: Summon a Reaper.Mystical City: Build a City Specialization Upgrade.Interracial Harmony: Max out the Race Governance for three races in one session.Taste of Victory: Win an Online Game.Protector of the Light: Get Pure Good Alignment.Deep Friendships: Obtain a Reef Colony.Easy "Champion Of Wonders" achievement, host an online multiplayer game with a password, and add an easy bot.Party Pooper: Use Throw Filth on an Enemy.